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Winners Golden Drum 2009 - Media Campaigns

Golden Drum

Accidents can happen to anyone!

Subgroup: Television, radio, cinema

Brand name:
Road Safety
Bucharest Police
Advertising agency:
Arsenoaiei&Matasel (Bucharest)
Creative director: Emilian Arsenoaiei
Media campaign explanation:
Challenge:In the context of the increasing number of car accidents, the Bucharest Police asked for a prevention campaign, with zero media budget.Idea/ StrategyEven if the public is aware of the increasing number of traffic accidents, the general attitude is: It cannot Happen to me!We decided to prove that... Accidents Ccould happen to anyone!For 10 days, we convinced major TV presenters, singers,ers, VJs, DJs, actors and sportsmen to make a shocking appearance: live, in wheel chairs, on television!Results:- 5 million Romanians were exposed to the message, live, in primetime, on television alone. - in Bucharest the number of car accidents dropped by 20%.All with Zero media budget.
Media agency:
Arsenoaiei&Matasel (Bucharest)
Strategic planner: Razvan Matasel



Subgroup: Mixed media and interactive media

Country: ISRAEL
Brand name: Deus Tv Series
Advertiser: Yes Satellite Tv
Advertising agency: Mccann Digital Israel
Creative director: Eldad Weinberger
Art Director: Viki Gendelman
Copywriter: Sahar Lewenstein
Designer: Sendi Salman\ Shay Maya
Others: Nir Refua\ Max Shcherbakov

The Containar That Became A Home

Subgroup: Sponsorship & special events

Registrant: HASAN & PARTNERS
Country: FINLAND
Brand name: Rustholli
Advertiser: Rustholli Home Renovations
Advertising agency: hasan&partnersCreative director: Eka RuolaArt Director: Mikael NemeschanskyCopywriter: Lasse PaastoOthers: Account Director: Heidi Gutekunst, Graphic Designer: Tarja Sinkkonen, Agency Producer: Antti Zetterberg
Media campaign explanation: A huge empty container was hauled to the center of Helsinki. The container was turned in eight days to a fully functional two-room luxury apartment. People were able to follow hos the container was transformed into a home as they paased by it on the street each day, and also through the Web. At the same time the container was showcased as an actual apartment on the biggest Finnish real estate sites. After the renovations ws over the winner of the online auction stayed for a day and night in the container, while everyone else could follow this on the web.


Subgroup: Mixed media and interactive media

Advertising agency: MUW Saatchi & Saatchi, Bratislava
Production house: Hitchhiker films, Bratislava; E-MOTION, Bratislava
Director: public, Juraj Lehotsky, Marek Kubos
Creative director: Rasto Michalik
Art Director: user generated content, Creative team: Mario Poor, Ivo Zemanovic, Gergely Nemeth, Manuel Campagnoli
Copywriter: user generated content, Creative team: Peter Rajcak, Milan Bielik, Zuzana Ferusova
Designer: MUW Digital, iCommerce
Others: Camera: public, Tomas Stanek, Noro Hudec, Programmer: MUW Digital, iCommerce
Media campaign explanation: BRIEF: To launch T-Mobile’s new positioning Life is for sharing.CREATIVE SOLUTION: Sharing all our media space with people, that they can start to communicate personal messages like never before.CREATIVE EXECUTION: Anyone could place his very own personal message for someone in TV, cinema, radio, on billboard, or print for free. To create the message you could simply use our website tool, or your mobile phone.RESULT: 1500 unique personal messages in TV, radio, cinema, prints & billboards. The highest Spontaneous awareness 22,9% and the highest Top of mind 11,3% of all advertisements in the market in January and February 2009.Source: GfK Young People Ad Monitor.
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia, Bratislava

Vote Earth Monuments

Subgroup: Outdoor, building & objects

Registrant: LEO BURNETT
Country: USA
Brand name: Earth Hour
Advertiser: World Wide Fund for Nature
Advertising agency: Leo Burnett Sydney
Director: Tim Denton
Creative director: Andy Dilallo and Jay Benjamin
Art Director: Kieran Antill
Copywriter: Michael Canning
Photography/Ilustrations: Shepard Fairey
Media campaign explanation: Challenge: In the third year of Earth Hour, it was time to turn the symbol of switching off the lights into real action against global warming. Being the third consecutive year, Earth Hour was no new news. We needed to reinvigorate the brand to unite the world to take part, create real action against global warming and capture the attention of the world’s media. Insight: In December 2009, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to determine if policies are made to take action against global warming. We targeted this meeting as a critical opportunity for the world to make their voice heard. But first, we needed people of the world to believe that switching off their lights could make a real difference. Creative Solution: Transform the light switch into a vote and hold an election between Earth and Global Warming. We asked the world to VOTE EARTH by switching off their lights for Earth Hour, with the goal of presenting the votes to world leaders in Copenhagen, as a mandate for change.
Strategic planner: Katrina Wong

Silver Drum

You’ve never seen such actors

Subgroup: Sponsorship & special events

Country: RUSSIA
Brand name: International Festival of Theaters for Disabled
Advertiser: ProteatrA
dvertising agency: Leo Burnett Moscow
Creative director: Mikhail Kudashkin
Art Director: Natalia Pavlova, Olga Prokhvatilova, Vera Karpova, Arina Avdeeva
Copywriter: Natalia Pavlova, Olga Prokhvatilova, Vera Karpova, Arina Avdeeva

Ceiling Cinema

Subgroup: Television, radio, cinema

Registrant: TBWA\ GERMANY
Country: GERMANY
Brand name: Nissan Micra C+C Convertible
Advertiser: Nissan Center Europe GmbH
Advertising agency: TBWA\ Germany, Duesseldorf
Director: Agency Producer: Alexander Langer
Creative director: Kai Röffen, Fabian Kirner
Art Director: André Heinrichs, Sebastian Schnell
Copywriter: Michael Manke, Tobias Feige
Others: Pirates´n Paradise, 3klang
Media campaign explanation: We wanted to show the audience the incredible feeling of driving the NISSAN Micra C+C Convertible.In oder to get the right feeling of driving a convertible we went to a place where our audience was highly concentrated and in the right mood for an unseen commercial. A commercial that wasn´t just shown on the cinema screen but on the cinema ceiling. By doing so we were certain to deliver the right message at the right moment: "Convertible-feeling for everyone!"

The World´s First In-Ear Commercial

Subgroup: New Media

Country: AUSTRIA
Advertising agency: Jung von Matt/Donau Werbeagentur GmbH.
Creative director: Andreas Putz, Thomas Schwarz, Christoph Gaunersdorfer
Art Director: Eva OrtnerCopywriter: Helena Giokas
Others: Graphic: Robert Schrotthofer

Cinema Messages

Subgroup: Sponsorship & special events

Advertising agency: MUW Saatchi & Saatchi, Bratislava / Mediaedge:cia, Bratislava
Production house: E-motion s.r.o., Bratislava
Director: Directors & Camera: Jano Sebik, Lukas Kodon
Creative director: Rasto Michalik
Art Director: user generated content, Creative team: Mario Poor, Ivo Zemanovic, Gergely Nemeth, Manuel Campagnoli
Copywriter: user generated content, Creative team: Peter Rajcak, Milan Bielik, Zuzana Ferusova
Media campaign explanation: Brief: Support the launch of T-Mobile’s new positioning Life is for sharing.Creative solution: Let people share their love like never beforeCreative execution: On St. Valentine’s Day, in the biggest cinema center in Slovakia, you could discreetly slip away from your loved one and record a love message as a surprise.Result: 1 unforgetable night for everyone in the cinema
Media agency: Mediaedge:cia, Bratislava

Nurse Jackie on Kindle

Subgroup: New Media

Registrant: OMD
Country: USA
Brand name: Nurse Jackie
Advertiser: Showtime
Creative director: Jonathan Haber
Others: Trevor Guthrie, Marc Simons, Steve IndichMedia planer: Paul Leys
Media campaign explanation: Showtime created the first ad solution for Amazon’s Kindle, monetizing the platform, adding value to consumers’ experience and launching their new series Nurse Jackie. The Kindle and Showtime target upscale and educated consumers who make entertainment decisions based on sampling content. Showtime offered Kindle readers a free download of Nurse Jackie’s pilot script that included show scheduling and a message urging readers to watch the Nurse Jackie premiere episode on or Within 48-hours, the script was a Top 20 Kindle downloads of 330,000 titles. Furthermore, the advertising model represents a start for future viability in the print industry.
Media agency: OMD
Strategic planner: Jay De La Cruz

 Украина в Шорт-листе

Children's lost letters 
Принт, Печатная реклама, Children’s speech therapist: Lost letters

Year/ID: 2009 / G40001
Adventa Lowe, Kiev
Media Campaigns

Advertising agency: Adventa Lowe, Kiev
Advertiser: Children's Speech Therapist Nataly Chubovskaya
Creative director: Aleksey Pasichnyk
Art Director: Aleksey Demin
Copywriter: Eugene Gozheyshy
Strategic planner : Eugene Kurtev
Media agency: Adventa Lowe, Kiev

Media camp idea explanation : The brief was to promote a children's speech therapist with limited budget.The target audience: mothers of the children with speech difficulties.The strategy was to deliver the message in the most unexpected place in a very easy emotional and playful manner. The message had be delivered directly to the TA in area of the doctor's office.On the playgrounds we left hundreds of "lost letters", with which children usually have pronunciation difficulties. Each letter had sign “We'll help your child to find all the lost letters' and the doctor's phone number.The number of the doctor's visitors increased by 15 %.


We know, how the world of a child with speech problems changes for better, as he gets help from speech therapist.

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Golden Drum

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