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Winners Golden Drum 2009 - Design & Art Direction

Golden Drum


Buick Style Guide

Subgroup: Editorial

Registrant: LEO BURNETT
Country: USA
Brand name: Buick
Advertiser: GM
Advertising agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Creative director: Dave Loew, Jon WyvilleA
rt Director: Rainer Schmidt, Chris von Ende
Copywriter: Dave Loew, Jon Wyville
Short description: Our goal was to create a unified and well-crafted look for Buick across all consumer-facing communication. Our audience was every designer, art director and graphic artist at Buick"s various agencies.


Subgroup: Illustrations and photo

Brand name: Škoda Auto Services
Advertiser: Škoda Auto a.s.
Advertising agency: Leagas Delaney Praha s.r.o.
Production house: Tačevski/Lukáš Keclík
Creative director: Tereza Svěráková, Hermann Waterkamp
Art Director: Pauline Kerleroux
Copywriter: Tereza Svěráková, Igor Paleta
Photography/Ilustrations: Goran Tačevski
Short description: Škoda Auto is launching a new campaign of environmental consciousness and corporate responsibility. Unfortunately, the Czech landscape suffers greatly from scarp yards full of obsolete car parts and Škoda has undertaken a new campaign to reclaim and recycle them.



Subgroup: Ambiental design

Registrant: BETC EURO RSCG
Country: FRANCE
Brand name: Fonds Solidarité Sida Afrique (Aids Africa Solidarity Fund)
Advertiser: Solidarité Sida (Aids Solidarity)
Advertising agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris
Creative director: Stéphane Xiberras
Art Director: Benjamin Le Breton
Copywriter: Arnaud Assouline
Short description: In Africa, 1.6 million children and adults die from AIDS each year, some 4,380 people every day. To emphasise these shocking statistics we came up with a creative idea based on clocks, to highlight the fact that every minute counts in the fight against Aids. The outdoor installation is composed of 321 clock mechanisms, that is 963 clock hands (all telling different times). These 321 mechanisms are electrically inter-connected and powered by a stabilised generator. At a set time, twice a day, the hands of these mechanisms come together and align to form a phrase and in the process deliver the following message: “Every 12 hours in Africa, over 2,000 people die from AIDS because they have no access to care. Every minute counts."
Others: Artist: Nadine Grenier


Just Moved Brand Identity

Subgroup: Corporate and brand identity

Country: RUSSIA
Brand name: Just Moved
Advertiser: Just Moved Ltd.
Advertising agency: Transformer Studio (Moscow)
Art Director: Ivan Danyshevsky, Nikita Melnikov
Designer: Ivan Danyshevsky
Short description: Just Moved is one of Canada"s cheapest full service local and national residental moving companies. The brand"s identity reflects the ease of movement and the arrow shows that someone has been just moved from one place to another, as on the map. The logo and other brand elements are made with black marker, which is commonly used to sign paper boxes during moving. Multi-logo"s layout changes accordingly to the medium it is applied to.

The Right Move

Subgroup: Direct marketing - dimensional mailing

Registrant: DAY6
Country: GREECE
Advertiser: Ekka/Mercedes Benz
Advertising agency: Day6 Athens
Creative director: Ivan Papadopoulos
Art Director: Panos Kavopoulos
Designer: Day6
Short description: A chess game with sockets (tools used in car repair) instead of common chess pieces. A special present for the most important clients of EKKA/Mercedes Benz After Sales Service Department which constantly reminds them that “the right move” is to visit EKKA for service.
Others: Panos Theokas


Subgroup: Packaging design

Country: AUSTRIA
Brand name: TscheppeA
dvertiser: Weingut Andreas Tscheppe
Advertising agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann (Vienna)
Creative director: Rosa Haider, Franz Merlicek
Art Director: Felix Broscheit
Copywriter: Franz Merlicek
Photography/Ilustrations: Bernhard Angerer, Stefan Badegruber
Short description: Andreas Tescheppe is a native of Glanz an der Weinstrasse, but it is not only he who is indigenous to the area - so too are insects and reptiles which, although endangered elsewhere, still thrive in Glanz because of his organic vinicultural methods. Besides showcasing the wine, the new labels put the spotlight on this aspect of intact nature. The labels do this by means of a "high gloss highlight" printed onto the label.This also provides an interesting "double entendre" in the German language - "Glanz", the name of the town, also has the meaning "gloss, sparkle, splendour" in German.
Others: Graphics: Felix Broscheit

Silver Drum

Cup & Kettle

Subgroup: Illustrations and photo

Country: RUSSIA
Brand name: Dreft Black
Advertiser: P&G
Advertising agency: Leo Burnett Moscow
Production house: Bang Bang
Creative director: Mikhail Kudashkin
Art Director: Alexandra Scherbovich
Copywriter: Polina Bogatyreva-Maguire
Photography/Ilustrations: Eugeny Tonkonogy

Failsafe calendar

Subgroup: Editorial

Country: RUSSIA
Brand name: Advertising Association Voskhod
Advertiser: Advertising association Voskhod
Advertising agency: Voskhod, Yekaterinburg
Production house: Voskhod, Yekaterinburg
Creative director: Andrey Gubaydullin
Art Director: Vladislav Derevyannykh
Copywriter: Aleksandr Parkhomenko, Evgeny Primachenko
Designer: Dmitry Maslakov, Roman Dik, Marat Dgantuganov, Azat Arslanov, Yuri Shevchenko
Short description: Failsafe calendar – a wall interactive project which looks like a big all-prize lottery ticket. Behind each of 365 scratch panels one can find jokes, recommendations, funny pictures, riddles and quizzes, internet links as well as thoughts about life, friendship and love. What’s more, it is meaningful, for it is connected to a certain historical moment of the date. And behind some panels there are surprises and presents received from clients of advertising agency “Voskhod”. To make the scratching easier the calendar includes a free new 5-kopeck coin attached to magnetic tape.

Mitten ins Herz

Subgroup: Illustrations and photo

Country: AUSTRIA
Brand name: Jugend am Werk
Advertiser: Jugend am Werk/Faschingbauer & Schaar Advertising agency
Advertising agency: faschingbauer & schaar werbeagentur
Production house: andreas hoferCreative director: dieter faschingbauer
Photography/Ilustrations: andreas hofer
Short description: Portrait of 7 learning-disabled artists for an art book. Artists depicted from point of view of where they draw their ideas from for art works (pictures, sculptures). Conversations with them and the photographer elicited these 'special' locations. Thereby an area of trust was created that animated the artists to become relaxed in fron of the camera. 

Store+, The Store That Sells Hope

Subgroup: Corporate and brand identity

Registrant: LEO BURNETT
Country: USA
Brand name: Hope Store+
Advertiser: Portuguese Red Cross
Advertising agency: Leo Burnett Lisboa
Creative director: Chacho Puebla
Art Director: Renato Lopes
Copywriter: Erick Rosa
Designer: Daniel Palma
Short description: Hope cannot be touched, seen or worn. But Hope can be felt. Our main challenge was to find the perfect design to convey the idea of a retail store that sold Hope. It had to be easily identified as a store and as part of the Red Cross universe. The main objective was to make sure people had a shopping experience in it. And the design was vital. Since it was the design of the Store, all graphic materials such as shopping bags had to make it stand out from dozens of stores in the same mall.


Can´t touch this

Subgroup: Packaging design

Registrant: MARK / BBDO PRAGUE
Brand name: Orbit
Advertiser: Wrigley
Advertising agency: Mark BBDO, Prague
Production house: Mimofilm, Prague / Lubos Rezabek
Creative director: Leon Sverdlin, Andrej Stuk
Art Director: David Suda
Copywriter: Ondra Soucek
Designer: David Suda, Pepa Plihal, Honza Tamchyna, Michael Krusbersky, Ian Adams, Filip Kocian, Viktor Spala
Short description: The new bigger Orbit gum bottle looks great. That leads to a problem: everyone takes your gum! The truth is, we are all a bit selfish. So, we changed the rules of packaging design : instead of attracting people, we scared them away. Special „covers“ turn the Orbit bottle into something you would not want to touch.
Others: Synteza, Prague; Account manager/Mirka Korbelova, Sarka Pazderova



Subgroup: Direct marketing - flat mailing

Country: RUSSIA
Brand name: Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Advertiser: Diageo
Advertising agency: Leo Burnett Moscow
Creative director: Mikhail Kudashkin
Art Director: Sergey Dobrydnev
Copywriter: Denis Grachev
Designer: Dmitry Jakovlev


Subgroup: Ambiental design

Country: GERMANY
Advertising agency: BUTTER. Berlin / Duesseldorf
Creative director: Michael Preuss, Timm Holm
Art Director: Björn von Buchholtz
Copywriter: Till GrabschPhotography/Ilustrations: Paul Seitz
Short description: Intersport enabled runners to fight their strongest opponent: their own shadow. A billboard capturing the shadows of runners passing by was installed at popular running trails. A motion detector activates flashlights and the runner’s outline appears on a flourescent membrane on the billboard. The runner continues his trail and leaves his shadow behind.
Others: Producer: Michael Vester / Consultant: Nina Preuss

Svnth Shrt Flm Fstvl

Subgroup: Corporate and brand identity

Brand name: Short Film Festival In The Palace, Balchik
Advertiser: In The Palace, Balchik
Advertising agency: New Moment New Ideas Y&R, Sofia
Creative director: Emil Zakhariev, Andrey Andreev-Vini
Art Director: Emil Zakhariev, Andrey Andreev-Vini
Copywriter: Emil Zakhariev
Designer: Emil Zakhariev

Enough Practice!

Subgroup: Direct marketing - dimensional mailing

Country: AUSTRIA
Brand name: PKP proximity
Advertiser: PKP proximity / Advertising Agency
Advertising agency: PKP BBDO (Vienna)
Creative director: Thomas Tatzl
Art Director: Lukas Handler
Copywriter: Christiane Sieveking, Thomas Tatzl
Designer: Oliver Cleven
Short description: Brief To recruit ambitious up-and-coming talents for the advertising agency PKP Proximity from the Advertising Academy. Solution The only path to true excellence in a specialist field is: practise, practise, practise. The agency aimed to motivate the students to do just that and to support them as they did it, by presenting the final-year classes with the tools they needed – box cutters for the graphic designers and ball-point pens for the copywriters. When the students had used their tools enough, they discovered the hidden message: it was time to get real, they were now ready to apply to PKP. This message was concealed under the blade of the box cutter and was printed on the pen refill in the same colour as the ink. The idea combined both a comment on what the students had achieved over recent months and a direct call to action. A dedicated e-mail address was set up as a response channel. Results The box cutters and pens were distributed to the final-year classes in the 2008 year. By this mailing, the agency raised its value of image: PKP is common talk among graduates and students. To date a response of 30% in the form of applications received can be noted. And there is no sign of a slowdown in the flood of applications...
Others: Concept: Oliver Cleven, Christiane Sieveking


Subgroup: Direct marketing - flat mailing

Country: AUSTRIA
Advertiser: Amnesty International
Advertising agency: Draftfcb Partners Werbeagentur Ges.m.b.H, Vienna
Creative director: Andreas Gesierich
Art Director: Daniel Senitschnig
Copywriter: Florian Schwab
Others: Bernd Fliesser (Chief Creative Officer), Patrik Partl (Executive Creative Director), Benjamin Filitz/ Josef Faustbeck/ Marlene Böhm (Grafik), Patrik Partl/ Andreas Gesierich/ Daniel Senitschnig/ Florian Schwab/ Niki Peterson (Konzept) 


Thermo Mug

Subgroup: Direct marketing - dimensional mailing

Country: ROMANIA
Advertiser: Greenpeace
Advertising agency: NEXT Advertising
Production house: 4 Colours
Creative director: Liviu David
Art Director: Adrian Rosu
Copywriter: Ciprian Banica
Short description: When hot liquid is added, the white bear on the mug seems to disappear and the message shows up clearly: "Global warming kills". The mugs were given away as Christmas gifts and promotional items. They've also been sold on the website.

Times are tough

Subgroup: Editorial

Country: AUSTRIA
Brand name: Palfinger Annual Report 2008
Advertiser: Rahofer Werbeagentur
Advertising agency: Salzburg
Production house: Salzburg
Creative director: Jo Nussbaumer
Art Director: Marcel Chytra, Birgit Fuhrmeister
Copywriter: Scholdan & Company
Photography/Ilustrations: Andreas Fitzner, Vienna Paint
Designer: Katharina Lassnig
Short description: These are difficult times for the economy, no company can deny this. This crisis is also quite evident for the world market leader in lorry-mounted knuckle boom cranes. Palfinger"s annual report shows this: openly, honestly and straightforwardly. Living the motto "Times are tough", you can see people in the company, from management to the welder, showing clear signs of the crisis in their faces: worry lines, grey hair, scars, blue eyes and bloody noses. But they all carry an optimistic smile that says: "But we are tougher!" 

Vilpuri Packaging design

Subgroup: Packaging design

Registrant: HASAN & PARTNERS
Country: FINLAND
Brand name: Fazer Leipomot
Advertiser: Fazer Leipomot
Creative director: Eka Ruola
Art Director: Sanan Veijalainen
Copywriter: Mick Scheinin
Designer: Tarja Sinkkonen (graphical designer)
Short description: Fazer Bakeries wanted to launch a product family meant for small children. According to the brief, children like packaging with funny characters. Instead of just adding a character to the packages, we transformed the whole package into a character (called VILPURI) devouring the content. The package design was the base for our marketing communication concept: VILPURI fits a small mouth. The package design was easily and cost-effectively animated and used in all marketing communication from an online game and give-away clothing to tv-spots made with existing Getty footage.
Others: AD: Esko Moilanen, Account director: Heidi Gutekunst, project manager: Tanja Ijäs

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Astrogid Cats

Year/ID: 2009 / E28002
Kaffeine Communications (Kyiv)
Design & Art Direction

Advertising agency: Kaffeine Communications (Kyiv)
Advertiser: Digital Ventures
Creative director: Anze Jereb
Art Director: Jovan Rocanov
Copywriter: Anze Jereb
Figures of a black cat used during the guerilla marketing campaign. We printed black cat images and set them on pavements in crowded places. The image contained site address and slogan "check you fortune before it happens" reflecting main idea.

Eva’s fertility

Year/ID: 2009 / E27013
Agency: Leo Burnett Ukraine
Group: Design & Art Direction

Advertising agency: Leo Burnett Ukraine
Advertiser: Children of Chernobyl
Creative director: Claus-Steffen Braun
Art Director: Evgeniy Tonev

To raise awareness about the necessity of prenatal health control among young females on the territory still enduring the consequences of Chernobyl disaster. To create awareness of such a delicate matter as prenatal health control in a positive unseen way we combined a vagina with developing seeds and the healthy and fruitful symbol of an apple.

Planet Fitness. “Weight Card”

Year/ID: 2009 / E30015
Agency: Leo Burnett Ukraine
Group: Design & Art Direction

Advertising agency: Leo Burnett Ukraine
Advertiser: Planet Fitness
Creative director: Claus-Steffen Braun
Art Director: Andrey Ushakov
Copywriter: Claus-Steffen Braun

We use the Planet Fitness Member Card as a permanent portable exerciser. To train even outside the gym, we produced a Member Card out of solid metal weighing 5kg. Carrying it around the customers have fitness on the go and show off to others their sportive type and belonging to the professional and original sports club.

Two connect

Year/ID: 2009 / E25020
Agency: ADVENTA LOWE, Kiev
Group: Design & Art Direction

Advertising agency: ADVENTA LOWE, Kiev
Advertiser: Speed dating service Two connect
Creative director: Aleksey Pasichnyk
Art Director: Nikolay Kovalenko
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Golden Drum

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