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Winners Golden Drum 2009 - Interactive

Golden Drum

Volkswagen Web Special "Volkswagen 2028"

Subgroup: Websites and microsites

Country: GERMANY
Brand name: Volkswagen
Advertiser: Volkswagen AG
HTTP address:

Advertising agency: argonauten G2 GmbH - a member of Grey | G2 Group (City: Berlin, Germany)
Creative director: Matthias Trick, Jan Pautsch
Art Director: Larissa Honsek
Copywriter: Jens Wettlaufer
Short description: What will the world of driving feel like in 20 years? This abstract question requires very human answers – both from Volkswagen and from the flash website we designed to deliver them. So the site brings the present and the future together, using text, animation and a short film to show how Volkswagen engineers, designers and researchers are developing breakthrough answers to the question “How will we drive?”. It’s an elegant combination of lean-forward, lean-back scenarios, accompanied by a “digital butler”. For Volkswagen, it puts a human face on innovation. And for users, it’s as if the future is already here.
Others: Account Manager: Roland Schweighöfer, Madeleine Yoran


Subgroup: Interactive advertising campaigns

Country: ISRAEL
Brand name: Deus TV series
Advertiser: Yes satellite TV
HTTP address:
Advertising agency: Mccanndigital Israel
Creative director: Eldad Weinberger
Art Director: Viki Gendelman
Copywriter: Sahar Lewenstein
Designer: Sendi Salman, Shay Maya
Others: Nir Refua, Max Shcherbakov

Silver Drum

4th april international day for mine awareness

Subgroup: Banners and other display ads

Country: AUSTRIA
Advertiser: Unicef Austria
HTTP address:
Advertising agency: Draftfcbi Direktmarketing & Interactive Ges.m.b.H, Vienna
Creative director: Florian Matthies
Art Director: Marko Malle
Copywriter: Mario Debout
Others: Irene Sagmeister (Account Manager), Bernd Fliesser (Chief Creative Officer), Mario Debout, Florian Landerl (Programmers), Marko Malle (Concept/Idea), Mario Debout (Screendesign) 

New Grand Scenic and the Raving Rabbits Tests

Subgroup: Interactive advertising campaigns

Registrant: PUBLICIS NET
Country: FRANCE
Brand name: Renault Grand Scenic
Advertiser: Renault
HTTP address:
Advertising agency: Publicis Net (Paris), Publicis Conseil (Paris)
Production house: Publicis Net (Paris)
Director: Arthur Trarieux-Lumiere, Jean-Frédéric Bloy, Thomas Ceccaldi
Creative director: Olivier Altmann, Philippe Simonet, Olivier Desmettre, Fabrice Delacourt
Art Director: Jonathan Marouani, David Polonia
Copywriter: Julien Benmoussa, Yves-Eric Deboey
Designer: Thibaud Cartigny, Adrien Havet
Short description: The raving rabbits get hold of the new Grands Scénic and will run a series of test in their underground lab. All the car features will be tortured by two expert raving rabbits. With a gameplay and more surprises on the website.
Others: TV Production : Adrien Segura, Director of the advertising (France): Isabelle Fossecave (Renault), Flash Developer: Renaud Collet

Nokia sms race

Subgroup: Other interactive ads

Country: ISRAEL
Brand name: Nokia cell phones
Advertiser: Cellcom cellular
HTTP address:
Advertising agency: Mccanndigital Israel
Creative director: Eldad Weinberger
Art Director: Guy Laufer
Copywriter: Ami Alush
Designer: Miriam Mushinski
Others: Niv Kantor, Max Shcherbakov
Media agency: Universal Mccann
Strategic planner: Yonni Lahav

Volvo Ocean Race - Rush: An Interactve Adventure

Subgroup: Websites and microsites

Registrant: EURO RSCG 4D
Brand name: Volvo V70, XC70, XC90 Ocean Race Editions
Advertiser: Volvo Car Corporation
HTTP address:
Advertising agency: Euro RSCG 4D (Amsterdam)
Production house: LBi Gothenburg, web (Gothenburg)
Director: Bob Elbersen
Creative director: Bram de Rooij, Martijn Sengers
Music: Blasé Music
Art Director: Martijn Sengers
Copywriter: Bram de Rooij
Designer: Antonio Costa
Short description: At the beginning of the Rush adventure, you meet four members of a life rescue crew, who rush out to assist an Ocean Race boat at sea. They have four minutes to reach the lifeboat, driving in their Volvo Ocean Race Edition vehicles. Things go wrong and you need to help them out. From a split-screen overview showing each crewmember's narrative, you can zoom in on any of the four members, controlling the narrative to try to make the team work. In these four to five minutes of adventure, you see twenty minutes worth of film and sound. You choose between alternative pathways that change the crew's communication and actions.
Others: USP Content, UK, sound effects; Annex Films, UK, Film Editing


Subgroup: Interactive advertising campaigns

Advertiser: T-Mobile Slovensko, a.s.
HTTP address:
Advertising agency: MUW Saatchi & Saatchi, Bratislava
Production house: Hitchhiker films, Bratislava, E-MOTION, Bratislava; Media agency: Mediaedge:cia, Bratislava
Director: public, Juraj Lehotsky, Marek Kubos
Creative director: Rasto Michalik
Art Director: user generated content, Creative team: Mario Poor, Ivo Zemanovic, Gergely Nemeth, Manuel Campagnoli
Copywriter: user generated content, Creative team: Peter Rajcak, Milan Bielik, Zuzana Ferusova
Designer: MuW Digital, iCommerce
Short description: BRIEF: To launch T-Mobile’s new positioning Life is for sharing. CREATIVE SOLUTION: Sharing all our media space with people, that they can start to communicate personal messages like never before. CREATIVE EXECUTION: Anyone could place his very own personal message for someone in TV, cinema, radio, on billboard, or print for free. To create the message you could simply use our website tool, or your mobile phone. RESULT: 1500 unique personal messages in TV, radio, cinema, prints & billboards. The highest Spontaneous awareness 22,9% and the highest Top of mind 11,3% of all advertisements in the market in January and February 2009. Source: GfK Young People Ad Monitor.
Others: Programmer: MUW Digital, iCommerce; Camera: public, Tomas Stanek, Noro Hudec

Promosite Sovietsky boutique

Subgroup: Websites and microsites

Registrant: RED KEDS
Country: RUSSIA
Brand name: Sovietsky boutique
HTTP address:
Advertising agency: Red Keds, Moscow
Production house: Red Keds, Moscow
Director: Anna Garnova
Creative director: Vasily Lebedev
Art Director: Maxim Demin, Stas Polyakov
Copywriter: Alina Bazeluk
Photography/Ilustrations: Dmitry Maximov
Designer: Albert Polyakov, Stas Polyakov, Roman Emel"yanov
Short description: Social project Sovietsky Boutique is the real interactive cinema. Web project Sovietsky Boutique gives the chance to become the participant of a virtual love story which is entered in some epoch of a Soviet period. The creative concept of a site is based on contrasting rare vintag things of the left Soviet period to modern things which can be bought now by means of pair clicks on sites.
Strategic planner: Olga Zhiltsova
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Golden Drum

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