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Golden Drum 2009 - победители в конкурсе I Feel Slovenia - Slovenia for you

"I Feel Slovenia - Slovenia for you" - представляет собой конкурс копирайтеров. Соревнование проходит под эгидой Словенской туристической организации.

Участники должны написать короткий текст объемом не более 1500 знаков, который должен опираться на предложенный тэглайн "Я чувствую Словению - Словения для вас" и вызывать у туристов интерес к посещению страны.

Top 3 I Feel Slovenia - Slovenia for you

Places to see before Slovenia

Author (s) - Mihai Gongu
Company/Agency - BBDO
Country - Germany

Don’t come to Slovenia before you go first to a couple of other places.
Don’t stroll along the sunny, flower laden banks of Ljubljanica river in Ljubljana before you had first relaxed in a French cafe alongside the Senne.
Don’t go rafting on the foamy emerald waters of the Soca, until you have tried first shooting the rapids on the Orchy river, the pride of Scotland.
Don’t let yourself humbled by the caves of Postojna before you have seen the karstic formations of Aggtelek in the north of Hungary.
Don’t hike to the untamed ancient shepherd settlements of Velika Planina in Slovenia’s breathtaking Kamnik Alps, before you visit a village in the Apuseni Mountains of Transylvania.
Don’t pack your rucksack for Lopata’s primeval forest below the upper station of the Vogel gondola in the Bohinj Valley of Slovenia’s Julian Alps before you saw the Bialowieza forest on the Polish Belarussian border.
Don’t lose yourself in the charming narrow cobbled streets of Piran, among the scent of fresh laundry and the alluring aromas of Styrian cuisine around every corner, until you wandered first through old Naples.
Don’t defy gravity jumping off the mammoth ski jump on Planica hill before you first gave Heini-Klopfer- Skiflugschanze a try, in Oberstdorf, Germany.
Go to all these places BEFORE you plan your trip to Slovenia.
You know why?
Because Slovenia will ruin them all for you. After you’ve felt Slovenia, everything else will seem, as Slovenians put it, manj.

National Legend of Slovenia

Author (s) - Ekaterina Puzakova, Olga Gubanova
Company/Agency - BBDO Moscow
Country - Russia

Old people say that many years ago at the place where today we can observe wonderful Slovenia there were only empty fields and only nomad tribes lived there. Their women were beautiful but the most charming one was Slovenia, the daughter of nomad’s head. Her beauty was so radiant that not only people but also Gods lost their heads. Thus the God of Water, Adriant, who once decided to flood these fields when looked at Slovenia blew away the clouds, walked down to the earth and said: O a charming maiden, there is no goddess that could equal you. How can I earn your love?

- Well, Adriat, - Slovenia said, as my beauty is so divine so I should live in Paradise. Wonderfully well Adriat toiled. He created full-flowing rivers which made fertile soils and vineyards on them instead of empty fields. He created crystal pure lakes filled with fish, made waterfalls of unknown beauty. Then he came to Slovenia and heard:

- Thank you, Adriat, but it is not enough for me. I want to see snowy mountains all year long here, with amazing caves. Also hot springs shall be here. And, of course, marvellous castles where we could live. 

Adriat fulfilled these wishes. Slovenia looked around her and could not stop admiring. She fell in love with Adriat and her new home. They lived happily and enjoyed this paradise beauty. And when her time came she did not want to live this wonderful place. Then to stay together forever Adriat turned her into a beautiful climb and lay at her feet as a tender sea.

Since then years went by but this paradise still exits. In memory of a beauty it was called Slovenia, and the sea washing it was called Adriatic. And everyone who comes there can not only enjoy these paradisiacal places but also to breathe the great love which soars in the air of Slovenia.

And all this Slovenia is for you.

Feel it.


Author (s) - Ana Maria Vasilache
Country - Romania

Dear bliss hunter,

     You may think of each road you take as the next adventure of your life. Good for you. Nevertheless, if you choose to visit Slovenia, well, you may need to reconsider. Seriously. Before stepping foot into the Republic of Slovenia, you should be fully aware of the consequences: this country has strong effects on people. Unconscious tourists returned home heart-broken, severely torn by heart-aches, doomed into never wishing to visit anything else. Such serenity in the mountains will be breathtaking. The medieval touch or the narrow streets can cause alienation. You will feel strange, like you are in some kind of different world, where time has stopped for a huge second. One look at the Mediterranean will simply put a spell on you. The gastronomic mix will change your eating habits forever. The Slovenians may even razzle dazzle you into not leaving the country at all. They may trick you into doing things that cause adrenalin explode. You will not be able to choose. Going with your instincts will be risky.

      But if you are that stubborn and really wish to go, I urge you to prepare. Check you heart pressure. Your heart beats can jump way high. See an eye-doctor. Decide if your sight is up to all this. It will be painful to stare for hours. Consider a psychiatrist. You will definitely want to talk about everything you saw. The bare sight of a rare place will haunt your thoughts night and day. Don’t make me say: I told you so.

      Still, let me rephrase it: Slovenia can cause love crushes. It’s like abracadabra on your tiny little heart. You won’t even see it coming. Bam! Love at first sight. Flaming sparks and all. The wicked place is very much alive. Alive like Santa Claus, on Prozac, in Disneyland, getting laid (as my Friends seem to think). Therefore, beware. Sit on it for a while. If you still feel the need to visit and put on the tourist clothes, then God speed. I wouldn’t want to stay in front of true love. If you can deal with the love issues, then Slovenia really is for you. Go get yourself a crush. Feel Slovenia.
      For a second opinion, tourist guides always come in handy.

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