Рекламні спільноти Європи підтримують Україну (Оновлено)

Рекламні асоціації, агенції та медіа з Болгарії, Великобританії, Греції, Грузія, Італії, Ірландії, Кіпру, Латвії, Литви, Польщі, Португалії, Словенії, Туреччини, Фінляндії, Хорватії, Чехії, Швеції (список постійно поповнюється) висловлюють нам свою солідарність та підтримку.

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Stand with Ukraine!


In Poland politicians are voting strong for hard measures including swift. You know we have deep 200 years of understanding what does it mean to have Russian as neighbor.

The advertising agencies in Czechia are going kick off the campaign asking people and companies to donate money via account in National Ukrainian Bank and selected NGO.

We should be on air soon.


Lithuania – our government push for much harder sanctions including swift; collected some more guns that are already in a way to Ukraine; also yesterday we started donation campaigns in media (already over 2 mln euro / day collected); collecting people that are ready to help with providing transport, homes for Ukrainian people; also collecting blood, medicine, doctors that are ready to go to Ukraine in a day or 2; retail is taking out all Russ products from the sale, people are sharing names of brands that are from Russ as we don’t want to buy them, brands are cancelling campaigns in Russ channels, we stopped licenses to Russ TV channels… Not much yet, but we are doing as much as we can at the moment… Our hearts and minds are with you…


Асоціація комунікаційних агенцій Грузії (ACAG), разом з її членами та народом Грузії, висловлює глибоку солідарність з Україною, її територіальною цілісністю, народом України, та її креативною індустрією. Щодня ми чуємо про вашу героїчну боротьбу та пишаємося вашою сміливістю. Ця війна торкнулася кожного з нас. Наша країна знає, що означає окупація. Ми пам’ятаємо нашого спільного ворога на нашій землі, і ми не забудемо вашу підтримку в 2008 році! За рішенням Асоціації комунікаційних агенцій Грузії, грузинські агенції припиняють надання послуг компаніям РФ. Також, грузинські агенції не прийматимуть участі в фестивалі Білий Квадрат, який відбуватиметься на території Білорусі. Це наша відповідь на дії уряду Республіки Білорусь і в жодному випадку не нашим колегам. На додаток, креативний фестиваль Ad Black Sea який проводиться в Грузії закриває двері російським креативним агенціям та обмежує можливість участі у фестивалі російським компаніям. Ми продовжуємо підтримувати Україну шляхом акцій протесту та в інформаційній війні.

ACAG об’єднані в нашій підтримці до України!

Грузія об’єднана в нашій підтримці!

Весь прогресивний світ підтримує вас в боротьбі за свободу!


The advertising agencies in Czechia are going kick off the campaign asking people and companies to donate money via account in National Ukrainian Bank and selected NGO.

We should be on air he next week.

Stay strong!


First of all I want to express my support for Ukraine and it’s people. Here is the petition that Marketing Finland sent to it’s global associations EACA, ICCO and WFA. Beside we have produced a guideline for influencers how to report about the war and how to recognize fake news. In Finland we have 77 000 Russians living and most watch Russian TV and gets information over there. In help of Finnish influencers we try to get the right information to people.

We also use our connections and communication channels to connect people to reunite against Putting. So far there has been manifestations and Russians are starting to take actions. Yesterday over 10 000 people organized in Helsinkin and Russian living in Finland has sent their letter and are organizing. The leading person is a communications professional with very good global connections.

I had a lunch with our Minister of Foreign Trade yesterday and we spoke about the situation in Ukraine. Finland is doing all to help Ukranian people and to stop trading with Russian companies. Late in the evening we got the permission to send artillery weapons to Ukraine. We have also announced to start negotiations with NATO to join it. After that Russian sent a threatening message to Finland and Sweden put we don’t mind. We have the same enemy that must be stopped.

If there’s anything that we can do to help you out just let us know.

I wish you all the best and peace!


All our thoughts are going to you, your family, friends and Ukrainian people.

We could also help your industry colleagues find jobs and housing in Romania.

We are here to help. Anything we can do, we will do to help you pass this terrible times.

Take care, stay safe!

Європейська асоціація комунікаційних агентств

The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) strongly condemns Russia’s recent invasion and ongoing, unjustifiable aggression in Ukraine. This action is a despicable attack on peace and democracy in Europe. As such, we firmly stand with the people of Ukraine.

As a trade association, we normally remain a politically neutral body promoting the interests of the business sector and do not engage in politics nor take positions on geopolitical issues. However, this unprecedented and tragic situation has compelled the EACA Board and Management Committee to take the decision of suspending its relationships with the Russian Association of Communications Agencies and the Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies of Belarus as part of a concerted effort to isolate Russian and Belarusian Institutions from the international community. 

EACA understands the destructive power of disinformation and is deeply concerned about the impact of fake news and disinformation during this conflict. For several years, EACA has been working diligently to ensure that advertising does not fund nor contribute to false and misleading content. EACA continues to redouble its efforts to strengthen commitments in the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation and to further develop industry best practices through the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

To our Ukrainian friends and colleagues, we would like to offer our full support in a tangible and meaningful manner.  Member agencies across Europe have already reacted by offering relocation and funding initiatives for displaced communication professionals and agency associations are also making match-making work possibilities available to support a well-known, talented Ukrainian pool of communication individuals. We will continue discussions with our membership on how to coordinate and support these activities moving forward.

Lürzer's Archive & Cresta Awards

We urge all in our industry to isolate, block and repudiate Russia.

With immediate effect our own awards and publications will accept no entries, editorial, advertising or other contribution from any entity based in Russia or controlled by Russian interests.

Any income we receive this year from agencies, photographers, advertisers or corporates with close Russian connections will be donated to the Red Cross.

These restrictions apply equally to Belarus.

We have no desire to punish hard-working and talented creatives in Russia, but until their government ceases its criminal invasion of Ukraine and its distribution of baseless propaganda, we have no alternative.

The industry we work in is a small but vital part of the global community and the economy - we can and must all play our part in standing against this unprovoked Russian aggression.

European Design Awards

We would like to express our absolute and uninhibited support during these awful days.

We would like to go beyond words, to show our solidarity to you and the Ukrainian community.

Of course, at times such as these, we feel helpless. What can we do? Is there anything that we can do that could help? Nothing seems big enough when the tragedy is this substantial. Still... we cannot stand and just watch.

First of all, there are simple and small things. Regarding the Ukrainian participants of the ED-Awards, we are getting in touch to return all fees that you have paid in this year's competition. All submissions coming from Ukraine will compete for this year free of charge. If you have submitted your work and haven't paid yet, of course, you will automatically take part without going ahead with the payment. This is simple and small, but it's also self-evident. It can't be otherwise.

And now we come to the important part: The European Design Awards & Festival have managed to gather around them an amazing community of creative people who are real opinion leaders. People who can, better than anyone else, get their message through. We will ask them to express their opinions and ideas. We will ask them to tell us what we could do to help. How we can use our platform to make even a tiny positive change for the people who are currently suffering?

And even more we are asking YOU.

If you ever get this message, we want you to tell us what you would like us to do to help. Anything that will come to mind, send it to us and we'll try to find a way if it is possible.

We wish you all the best

We hope to hear from you

We hope that soon we will all meet again and we will think about all these events like they were something very very bad, that has passed never to return again!

Know that you are constantly in our thoughts!

Please be well, be safe!

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